Automation In The 21st Century
Written by Romeo Belisle on June 29th 2017
    As we look towards the future of automation in the machine shop we can see that machine tool companies are responding to the need for fully automated machine tools. The cost of these work centers has come down dramatically because of the advances in technology and the cost of technology has come down as well. If you listen to the news on television you will hear the reporters talking about the manufacturing world changing and robots taking all the jobs. Big greedy business men having armies of robots, making product as machinists are standing in the unemployment lines.
 If you are in the manufacturing world and you are a machinist you know this kind of thinking and reporting is garbage! In fact, the unemployment rate for machinists in the United States right now is little over 3%. I recently was talking to someone in the manufacturing space and he was telling me about a large gun manufacturer that had a machine tool sitting idle for 3 weeks while they looked for an engineer that could program the robot. Three weeks times 3 shifts, say $150 per hr.= over $10k lost machine time, not to mention lost productivity and scheduling issues. You won’t hear about this one on the evening news.
 These types of things are going on across America and probably the world. Are the machinists in trouble of losing their jobs from the advancement of automation? I don’t think so. As a matter of fact, it is more about growth than anything else. The number one thing manufacture owner want to do is grow their business, create an empire and have something they can be proud of at the end of the day. For businesses to grow, they are still going to require people. Believe it or not business owners want good people to represent their brand. The media would have you believe that the big bad business owner want the cheapest labor employees running their factories and they will do anything to get there. I’m sure that is the case with some out there. For most it is just the opposite.   
 So, is automation taking over the world? No, not yet anyway. Automation is exciting and fun to watch. It is helping the advancement of technology, medical, space exploration and agriculture. If you are worried about automation taking over your line of work I would recommend reading the book called “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson,M.D.. It is a fun short read about, well I don’t want to ruin it for you. Read it for yourself. 
   In closing let’s look at trends in the past from technology and automation. Look at the telegraph machine to cell phones. Horse and buggy to automobiles. Record players to mp3’s. advancement and automation has always been around in one form or another if you look close enough. I see more opportunity for workers than ever before as we automate even more. Hey, someone must create them, machine them, program them and run them. That someone could be you!

Romeo Belisle

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